just feedback of my experience

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just feedback of my experience

Ungelesener Beitragvon crazyBUG » 23.02.2016 21:09

Have to say this site is for cheaters, not going to play here again.My opponent was cheating on Heartstone tournament but i could not even sent a ticket or upload screenshots.it just does not work so support system here also is very bad.NOT recomended.
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Re: just feedback of my experience

Ungelesener Beitragvon MA|Winniboy » 24.02.2016 00:17

hey crazyBUG,

today dozens of tickets were written and we have answered all of them. we even received positive feedback for our support performance by many players

so I can promise you that our support system works without any problems

if you would like to have an explanation of how you can create a support ticket, just ask me here in this forum


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